Summary (Max 280 characters)The SkySaver backpack was designed to help evacuees escape when trapped in a tall structure during an emergency. How can it be improved? Click "Solutions" to submit ideas or comment and vote on ideas from other people.
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Firefighters can take up to 30 min to reach you, while fire takes a few minutes to engulf your apartment. Living above the 9th floor? They cannot reach you. Be the first to reach safety on the ground while less fortunate tenants might be stuck in their apartments or trying their luck rushing down the fire escapes.

The ultimate self-rescue kit for your family in life-threatening disasters.

SkySaver Family is a military-grade device, built to the requirements of NY Fire Dept., certified for family safety in the USA and Europe.

Using SkySaver  is easy for everyone, No skills required. Simply follow SkySaver’s 3 step process to descend to safety. Once out, SkySaver safely and slowly descends you to the ground with your baby, child, grandparent and pet.